Meet the Maker!

Hello! My name is Gintare and I am the creator of Leafy Stitch. I started doing hand embroidery for fun and found the activity quite soothing and relaxing. After a while, I wanted to venture out and try machine embroidery. I quickly found that digitizing and witnessing the designs come to life brought me great joy. It was rewarding to see the the final design being stitched out and I just love how the thread looks on clothing. Being a big fan of outdoors, plants, and gardening, I decided to infuse my work with the beauty of nature.  

With a background in Engineering and a career as a microbiologist, I made the bold choice to prioritize my family over professional pursuits, embracing the role of a stay-at-home mom to my three boys. They are my biggest support and love to hang around while I do embroidery. Given how much fun they have seeing the whole process, I want to show them that you can explore new endeavors, even if they seem daunting. I hope you enjoy these shirts as much as I love making them. 

Thank you for supporting my small business!